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Easy-to-use LDAP editor

I'm the author of web2ldap. So my recommendation is biased of course. But it's fun for me to point out its features by walking through your requirements: Not tightly integrated to any specific ...
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1 vote

MySQL server to receive an SQL query and convert to LDAP to query LDAP backend

Very tricky requirement, I doubt a ready-to-use solution is available. Here is something you can try: Use a normal MySQL database with tables defined for your needs mimicking LDAP nouns and verbs. ...
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1 vote

Android file explorer to view files from a virtual server

A little embarassing but that's life sometimes.. In hindsight the LAN/Network function provided by File Commander from Mobisystems (Not affiliated with) seems sufficient to my use case. Although it's ...
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1 vote

Solutions for centralized user management, sessions recording and jump server login on Linux Debian

It is common to use LDAP as access protocol for Linux user-management. For more complex requirements, e.g. authorization based on host groups, you may want to use full-featured solutions more ...
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1 vote

Elgg social networking engine alternative

You might find Tiki interesting. It's a self hosted groupware platform and wiki that supports all of your listed features either built in or via plugins. It's actively maintained and as a very large ...
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1 vote

Open source internal (enterprise) survey software with LDAP integration?

An alternative to limesurvey, if you can not get ldap to work, is to use a content management/framework like drupal with its modules that address your requirements. I do something similar on an ...
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1 vote

Is there an simple webapp that enables LDAP users to manage their own accounts?

Here are three open source web applications, and while none of them fully meet your needs you can combine two or more to do what you need. I am using LdapCherry to allow users to edit their LDAP ...
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