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Is there a keyboard for Android designed for coding?

There's Hackers Keyboard (also available at Playstore), but it wasn't updated for quite a while. It gives you easy access to everything you need for programming or "console stuff": (click ...
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Tool to generate keyboard layout diagram

You can use the windows built in tools "On Screen Keyboard" and the "Snipping Tool" to get an image of the current keyboard layout: Then the one with the AltGr button pressed: And use just about any ...
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10-key Japanese input method for iPad?

According to there's an option to turn on the 10 key instead of having to use your 55 key. It's tricky to find this on your own though. To do this, you need to have ...
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Typing foreign characters without installing keyboard layouts

I found WinCompose [GitHub] that fulfills my needs. has a configurable "compose" key which I'll refer to as ♥ in the following. I'm using Pause now. has a total of 2200 combinations and they are ...
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Linux software to detect my keyboard layout

Credits to Martin Thoma for the link to AskUbubtu Count the number of keys on your keyboard, and type (or paste) this in the terminal. ~$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration This command ...
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Software to replace left Shift key by vertical bar or backslash keys

Any kind of remapping can be done with very popular AutoHotkey software. In your case this simple script should work: LShift::\ Save it as anything.ahk and run it. Check more info about mapping and ...
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Tool to generate keyboard layout diagram

On Windows, Patorjk's Keyboard Layout Analyzer webapp is closest, it shows similar diagrams in-between steps, and in its analysis output, but the ones customly generated by it have colors. Ian's ...
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