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How do I store/share data between different devices?

MySQL allows multiple processes to access the database simultaneously, but processes may lock tables so that other processes can't access them. Your problem with multiple client connections may have ...
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Need Recommendations for IoT Simulation Software

Try: CISCO packet tracer ver 8. It has a full IoT simulating capabilities (e.g., lambs, ceiling fans, clever windows, etc.) Relatively easy to set up your first project. Huge disadvantage: It uses Wi-...
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Python based alternatives to Node-RED for building an IoT infrastructure

If You want to build IoT on Python - Home Assistant seams to be a good direction ... It's based on Python and has proper tooling ie: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/python_script/
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ISoftware required for simulation of Vehicle Collision in map

What kind of protocol(s) are you using? If RPL is an option, then you can quickly start with Contiki OS, which has a simulator (Cooja) to run your experiment. NS2 (for Linux) is a much more open and ...
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Software tool to sniff WiFi from misconfigured IOT client device on any platform

Fix for a bad SSID on a sonoff tasmota device. I used a raspberry pi with wifi for these steps. Your mileage may vary. sudo apt install aircrack-ng wireshark-gtk Good idea to reboot now Disconnect ...
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Open-source IoT platform for telemetry collection

So far, I've been analyzing Thingsboard which: Supports MQTT, CoAP out of the box Extensible widget library Drill down dashboards An optional Gateway that can be used to integrate legacy devices
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