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System-wide noise gate or input sensitivity for mic input

Full disclosure: I’m the developer behind Noise Blocker, an app I built to help tackle unwanted noises on VoIP calls. Noise Blocker is a customizable noise gate that allows you to record a sample of ...
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Map keyboard input to mouse input

There are many programs in the Windows world which are effectively macro recorders. One would assign a sequence to the desired key. For your example, you can either "live-record" the ...
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Python library to determine the input device (keyboard) used

Ok, I DuckDuckGoed that for you. See the accepted answer to How to distinguish input from different keyboards?. No library required, apparently. If you're using Linux, the best way to distinguish ...
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Mouse jiggler for keeping multiple tabs / windows active

Mouse Move seems like a more customizable and powerful alternative to mouse jiggler which allows you to set stride distance and direction
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Using keyboard or gaming USB pedals as MIDI sustain pedal

Bome MIDI Translator Pro can translate many input sources (MIDI, keyboard, serial port) into MIDI messages. You'd have to check whether your gaming USB pedal works with it. The Windows MIDI API does ...
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Linux manage input from numpad

AutoKey can use a hotkey on the number pad, and it's scripts can definitely paste text, for a super basic example with this in a script: keyboard.send_keys("Send these keys") It's Beginner's Guide ...
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