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Software to open or convert old Paint Shop Pro (*.psp) graphic files on GNU/Linux?

Did you tried to import images with GIMP plugin ? The link give you a page to the site where the sources exists. You can download source from there and build the GIMP module. You may also find this ...
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1 vote

Save or export SVG as CMYK pixel data

As explained in this post you can use Scribus with Inkscape to prepare press ready pdf file. Scribus is another free, gratis, open source & cross platform program. The steps are basically: Find ...
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1 vote

Looking for an engineering-like SVG design software

There is no reason why you can not use SolidWorks or say Autocad for this. Its not often done but possible. I use Maya and Creo all the time to make logos in 2D, i just export the logo in EPS and be ...
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