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C++ library for IMAP

VMime is a C++ email library that supports IMAP as well as POP3 and SMTP. Webpage: GitHub: Features: It is free, GNU GPL licensed software ...
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Email client with support for multiple accounts and From addresses

AquaMail also supports multiple accounts and multiple aliases. Not to mention it exists for many years and has plethora of other features.
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backup multiple email address with restore capabilities

I use Mail Backup X. I had tested a few more mail backup tools like Horcrux, however only Mail Backup X met my needs. It backs up my gmail and Yahoo accounts. Furthermore, I am saving them offline to ...
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How to recover mail server from POP3 mails?

I don't think if there could be any solution to this. IMAP account takes a copy of emails to the locations configured. However, POP accounts simply moves them permanently. Deletion is therefore ...
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Open-source gratis MS-Exchange e-mail replacement

I don't think you understand how some of the packages you investigated work... postfix is pure SMTP. When it receives messages, it passes off to a mail delivery agent like dovecot. A MDA is pure ...
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Free webmail server application to monitor multiple IMAP accounts

AfterLogic Webmail Lite allows you to set up multiple identities in a single login, so you can see mail from multiple sources. It's php based and free. In fact we chose it over RoundCubeMail, and ...
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