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You can make high quality PDF reports, presentations and interactive websites using R Markdown and RStudio. LaTeX and BibTeX support is built in; and it uses pandoc to convert .rmd files to other output formats (including PDFs and HTML pages). In fact, if you want to organise your content like a book, then you should take a look at the bookdown package for R....


I recommend trying the DocumentConverter class from LEADTOOLS. (Disclosure: I’m a LEAD employee). There’s a tutorial titled Convert Files with the Document Converter - .NET Core that describes how to use this class. In particular, look at the function named static void ConvertToDocument() in the tutorial, which produces PDF files from any document format. If ...


The question has 4 years, but looks active. I recommend to try Kdevelop. Lightweight, fast and very complete IDE, with class completions and everything you might expect.


The following is maybe not exactly what you are looking for, this is just a simple bookmarklet I made few weeks ago. tries to save the HTML with the page components and takes much time to load. It is especially taking this statement into account and try to solve it. ###The bookmarklet (Save ...

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