Use this tag if you're looking for software to "automate your home" – be it for lighting, heating, or home-theater; with Z-Wave, EnOcean, X10, KNX, you-name-it.

Home automation is used to automate things in your living space. Simple examples include switching on/off your lights at a given time, or have your blinds opened/closed based on daylight / weather conditions. There is a plentitude of different protocols available in this sector; but one thing all of them have in common: you will want to configure and control them. While some commercial systems have dedicated hardware devices for this, one might wish to save some bucks and get more flexibility or simpilicity – which is where software comes into play.

So that's what this tag is for: Asking for software to control your home-automation equipment.

Related tags

  • is applied in a different field – mainly to automate things on a given (computer) device (e.g. automatically login to WiFi hotspots, automatically update software on your computer, macro-recording and -execution, act on battery-low state)