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What's a good replacement to the bookmark archiving service at

I'd say it depends on usage of these archives. I was very happy with XMarks solution back in 2018 (formerly known as Foxmarks that even dates back to 2006), however this one was used aside from ...
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Bypass Google's "Personalization settings & cookies" ( page, setting everything to off

You can try the Firefox extension "I don't care about cookies". It definitely makes the prompt go away, but I'm not sure if it actually accepts or rejects the cookies. On my system I don't ...
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Cheap cloud functions with database

If you’re looking for a relational database and have very little DB load, you could look into Aurora Serverless. Also, if you don’t mind managing the DB server yourself, you could set up MySQL on a ...
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Which one to is better for cloud service regarding inactive account policy, Google Drive or iCloud Drive?

As long as you are paying, your account is active. What you are reading is the blurb for Google Drive's free account. I am sure Apple will be the same. I don't think that either will want to stop ...
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images repository in GCP

I think you exactly looking for Google Cloud Storage, where you can create a bucket in Google Cloud Storage and set the appropriate permissions to allow users to access images. You can also use signed ...
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Is there an easy-ish front end software for Google Cloud?

If you need a business intelligence tool, have a look at Metabase. If you need more flexibility, maybe try using Google Charts in your frontend app. Also, keep in mind that you can create custom ...
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