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I need a tool for analysing my website SEO performance

I just put up a free SEO analyzer you can check out, it will provide all kinds of useful metrics like site speed, a breakdown of improvements that can be made for on-page SEO, social signals, Alexa ...
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Software / API to track new concepts or ideas from web searches

Google Trends might fit. can do it too. Not just by checking site click changes but I think it actually does what you asked. But you must pay. And they probably focus on trendy topics unless ...
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Solution to search browser-URL-history first before the rest of the WWW

Here is a promising extension for Firefox: Show HN: WorldBrain – full text, local search of your browsing history (
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Getting to know related search queries from google

If you mean "Related Searches" that appear at the bottom of most google searches, you could try a pre-built library such as a web scraper setup to specifically scrape these results. You could also ...
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Search engine to which I can apply my own filtering/reordering

Anyway: that's my advice: Try to make your own SE: You may combine the work for your own with the possibility to earn some money: The Hackaton: see: (german ...
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