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Edit google apps scripts with IntelliJ-IDEA

There's also a git like tool called clasp by Gratt for local development You might find it at home if you use git
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Software that would convert Google documents to .docx

In google docs choose File > download > Microsoft Word (.docx) Edit: For completeness sake, also supports other formats as well.
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3 votes

Tool for Requirements checking and commenting?

We use Confluence for this purpose. Some investment is required in building a template to capture the requirements from different stakeholder groups' points of view but this can be evolved over time. ...
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What is a good Framework for a realtime collaboration web app with several realtime documents per App Instance

You have mentioned several of the popular toolkits out there. A little bit more information on some of the projects you listed. You may or may not know SwellRT is considering merging with Apache ...
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Mount cloud storages (Dropbox/Gdrive) as virtual disk or virtual folder inside Windows file system (free alternative to Mountain Duck) I am using it for WebDAV, but it also supports common clouds storages. Currently its free.
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Online collaborative text editor (like Google Docs), with an URL to access the RAW text content could also be an option. Simple interface no registration required Documents are identified by a hash in the URL (can be changed) - one URL for read/write access, one URL ("share URL&...
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Online collaborative text editor (like Google Docs), with an URL to access the RAW text content

I believe fits most of your needs. text editor plus much more! share via URL Note that the design is not very similar to a text editor though: Also, the "Share URL" doesn't give ...
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Online collaborative text editor (like Google Docs), with an URL to access the RAW text content

I think might fit the bill: is a text editor (ideally with monospace font, for code) ✔ It is a Markdown editor, with a monospaced editor (and a renderer, but you can turn it off). If you ...
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1 vote

Which cloud sync software has a exclude files by type, folders by names feature?

You can now exclude file types from being uploaded to OneDrive:
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Mount cloud storages (Dropbox/Gdrive) as virtual disk or virtual folder inside Windows file system (free alternative to Mountain Duck)

Rclone.Org is all you need. You should mount cloud drives manually. Around 100 cloud storage providers supported. Free and open source. Well maintained with commits every few days:
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Logging app like Google Forms/Sheets but private and offline

You can use Clappia ( You can design forms with all the fields you mentioned You need to download Clappia app to access all such forms inside one common app The forms won't be ...
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1 vote

Online documentation tool, where I create reusable “text objects”

Atlassian's Confluence offers excerpts, which is a transclusion feature based on its macros. There is a discussion about how to integrate Confluence with Atlassian's online tool, Bitbucket. The ...
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1 vote

Development for vehicle tracking software

Stick with Python, since you know it and it is simpler than C# (it also has many more useful libraries). You can also run it on Mac/Linux - although the machine will need to have Python installed, ...
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Google Drive Client

Take a look at Insync it has all your requiered features, CLI and GUI support and, supposedly, "Symlink, junction and alias", although I have never used that. There is a free trial and a $30 one-time ...
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1 vote

Mount Google Drive as FTP, Web-Share, or with free third-party applications

You can do this on Chromebook by default - you can also do this in Debian. Cool tool by SpiderPig though!
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Cloud storage desktop client with no local copy

Google Drive Google Drive can be used without installing any software on your local computer. Use most any modern web browser. Drag-and-drop files from your local file system into the Google Drive ...
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1 vote

Chrome extension to display Google Drive notifications?

Have a look at Checker Plus. I think it does exactly what you want. And you can turn off the email notifications from Drive by going to the Gear icon and then to Settings and then Notifications. You ...
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Similar alternative to Dropbox for hosting HTML pages

You can do this with Mailfence. However, Mailfence will mirror the files to a virtual drive on your computer and your browser accesses them from that virtual drive. That may not be precisely what ...
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Visually map the contents of my Google Drive

You can sync your Google Drive files with a local directory using Backup and Sync, and then you can use WizTree or alternatives for other operating systems to see a directory tree and a treemap (see ...
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SW for fast Google Drive sync

For syncing one file you may find drive suits your purposes. It appears to allow for pulling and pushing single files (perfect for when you've only changed one file) to and from Google Drive. To be ...
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1 vote

Desktop Application that can sync files from dropbox, google drive, onedrive, icloud

I'm answering my own question since no one has answered it. Check out odrive - Sync all cloud storage in one place. Features Available on Windows, Mac & Linux. Supports Dropbox, Google Drive, ...
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