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Is there any way to send an event invitation to multiple people, but hide invitees' email addresses

When using an email program use the BCC field to specify the recipients.
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Scheduling tool that shows people's overlapping calendar availability?

I did a bunch of digging today. The best one I've found is - no sign in required and supports time zones. looks promising, but requires you to sign ...
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Scheduling tool that shows people's overlapping calendar availability?

How about Doodle? Best I've found out there. Free to use.
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Software to automatically sync my Facebook events to Google Calendar

You don't need any tool in theory: Go to Facebook -> Events -> Your events. Right click Add to calendar button on top right. Copy URL. Go to Google Calendar -> Add calendar -> From URL. ...
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Software for renting (a monitor)

The opensource system that I recommend is LibreBooking - the free version of BookedScheduler. It can handle most kind of resources. It is multi-user. It has start/end reminders. It can show calendar ...
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Tool to extract information from Google Calendar

Alright, this is simple but efficient enough:
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How to get a single view of all my calendars?

If you are willing to pay almost $50 for that, VueMinder is one of the most complete Windows Calendar programs
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Android calendar app that allows for fine-grained daily planning

The "Schedule" (or "Agenda" view) of the standard android calendar app gives you a list of calendar entries as you describe. These particular views allow for fine-grained small entries while ...
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Calendar for 24 solar terms of China uses Python 2.7 to generate an iCal file for the solar terms, as well as for the 农历. It is based on Hong Kong Observatory's conversion table, and can create ...
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How to get notified of Google Calendar events on a PC

To do this, navigate to the Start Menu, and select the Calendar app in the top-right corner. Once the Calendar is up, to add a Google account you'll need to find the Settings icon, located in the ...
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Scheduling tool that shows people's overlapping calendar availability? is exactly that. no predefined times no account required free
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