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Java data structure to store latitude-longitude points, and retrieve them by area

It's been several months since you posted your request, but if you still have the need, please consider FeSimpleGeoProx I think it meets all of your stated requirements: FeSimpleGeoProx is a ...
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Software for embedding massive earth data in website?

You could create one or sevaral "heatmap" layers from your processed data. This layer then gets shown when the user has a birds-eye view (focuses on, say, the entire earth), but the "heatmap" ...
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Free Data Analysis and GIS Software Recommendations

R is great and will enable you to create amazing maps and to do sophisticated geospatial analyses. However for exploratory research, if you just want to plot points on an OpenstreetMap layer, python-...
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cartesian coordinate generator, XYZ point data generator,

What you need is a Geographic Information System (GIS) such as QGIS, (Quantum GIS), possibly with the GRASS plug-ins. QGIS is: A cross-platform free and open-source desktop geographic information ...
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Spatial search server, to quickly answer "What points near me?" requests

Would Postgres (with PostGIS) be too heavy duty? It would handle searching a million points and live on-the-fly updates with ease. Postgres is a full RDBMS - PostGIS is the name of the geospatial ...
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An open source alternative to Wolfram Alpha

Well, there isn't an open source tool that does everything you need. You will have to assemble the different parts together. Sympy, Sympy Gamma and Open Omnia are python based systems that do ...
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Split a big KML file by countries

The easiest way to achieve this is to use a geographic information system (GIS). A free solution is QGIS in its current Version 2.18 (Version 3.0 will come out mid-October/November) However, you ...
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