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Reverse geocoding API to check if location is residential

It looks like Gisgraphy should fit your needs. Here's the output from an example query: <results> <numFound>1</numFound> <QTime>519</QTime> <result> <...
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Geocoder, free for commercial use

OpenStreetMap, which is free for commercial use, has a geocoding tool called Nominatim. Its API is based on HTTP GET and you have a choice of different formats to return (e.g. JSON, XML). As an ...
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OpenStreetMap-based geocoding/geolocation/maps/places API

Give us a shot at UnwiredLabs and LocationIQ. We've got geolocation, geocoding and Maps APIs. For cellular + WiFi geolocation, we've got our own proprietary datasets For geocoding, we use a bunch of ...
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How would I reverse-geocode coordinate locations to a county (Python)?

you don't mention which country you are reverse geocoding in. In some countries there are common codes for each county, in the US there is something called a FIPS code, which usually (but not always) ...
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Offline reverse geocoding at country level [(lat, lon) to country] for Ruby

I'm not a big Ruby user, but it took me about ten seconds of Googling to find this. It appears to have: Point-to-country using latitude and longitude from a variety of sources - simply a single ...
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OpenStreetMap-based geocoding/geolocation/maps/places API

There's a lot out there, so I'll list a few I know or have used personally. Full map stack services: Mapbox: Excellent hosted tiles, geocoding, routing, more. Uses open data as well as proprietary ...
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Reverse geocoding API to check if location is residential

I've found that using the OpenStreetMap Overpass API gives what I need. You can write a query in Overpass Query Language or XML to search OSM for nodes, ways and relations tagged as "residential": [...
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Can you recommend a free API to get a list of regions and cities from a country?

You could use the data from, or the Overpass API of, the Open Street Map project, subject to applicable licences or conditions of use, or from other Geographic Information Systems, (GIS), data sources ...
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Tiny Java library to roughly guess country from latitude/longitude

6 years later, still no such library, so I just created one and released it as open source: Works offline Response time: Less than 100 ...
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Which api should I use to get location based information about places for iOS app?

Google Places API is one of the best i know. It is the most accurate one and it is also free but ou only have limits requests per day for the API. If you are launching an app then you should purchase ...
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