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WinSCP matches all your requirements. Graphical: Yes – There are two alternative interfaces: Commander interface: Explorer interface: Feels like a Windows explorer window: Yes – One of the interfaces is explicitly designed after Windows File Explorer. Supports drag and drop: Yes – Both between file panels and between other applications.Uploading via ...


I have used the 3 following FTP clients during the past years so here is my feedback: WinSCP: the one that I currently use. There is a portable version, just one .exe file (and the .ini file for configuration). Don't forget to turn on the "Explorer" interface: View > Preferences > Environment > Interface > Explorer, which is (IMHO) handier. Benchmark: it ...


Cyberduck has automatic updates (using Sparkle).


WinSCP allows automatic updates to donors. So it's not "gratis". But it is possible and only $9 donation (or equivalent) is required. FileZilla allows automatic updates to anyone (on Windows). See How to automatically update FileZilla?

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