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I recommend you to use uBlock Origin (Firefox Add-on). You can reenable images in the Firefox config again, if you choose this solution. After you installed it, go to settings: Then enable "I'm an advanced user": The menu of uBlock Origin is now "advanced" (it's too in the previous screenshots): Column 1 is for global rules, column 2 ...


Found this one recently, it is working delightfully for me between Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Vivaldi, Linux and Windows: Sorry, should have put this in originally: I have zero affiliation with this product.


Check out the uBlock Origin ad blocker add-on. You can choose to block addons using the element picker tool, or just right click the element > Block element and then adjust the sliders and follow the UI. Other ad blockers also have similar features.


will this one do what you want?


Dark Reader It's available for both Firefox and Chrome Use Invert listed only if you wish Dark Reader to work only on listed websites.


Dark Mode You could try this Chrome extension:


I can recommend you the Firefox extension Simple Tab Groups. You can create groups (e.g. personal, work). If you open tabs in a group and then change the group, the visible tabs will be replaced with these from the newly selected group. Therefore it's easy to don't mix up personal and work stuff. ...


The standard solution from Firefox to isolate work and home tabs is to use first party isolation which separates cookies and local storage for different set of tabs. But that doesn't seems to be what you're looking for. What you describe would be easy to do using two Firefox profiles.

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