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RSS reader for Android

There is also RSS Reader Xoonity: Playstore I'm part of the team that handles this app, but I'll be as objective as possible. The prerequisites are fulfilled with the exception: Auto-sync with "Wifi ...
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RSS reader for Android

I've only used it a short time but I recommend "": Website & Playstore I originally found "" aka "Feeder" as a chrome extension but it looks like they do have an early access ...
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2 votes

Concatenate podcasts

The simplest way is just to use the Unix cat command like cat podcast1.mp3 podcast2.mp3 podcast3.mp3 > megacast.mp3 MP3 files are just audio and any headers or MP3 tags in the other files will ...
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1 vote

News reader to keep up with world news outside social media

I personally prefer Feedly. Pro version is not free but has a nice feature - to mute any news related to selected topics.
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1 vote

Simple feed icon for Firefox

Feedbro, an extension for Firefox and Chrome, should be able to meet your most of your needs. You might want to have look at the settings for the extension to configure it the way you want.
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1 vote

Simple feed icon for Firefox

One way of setting this up would be to use the extension Check4Change. Configuring this to point to the web representation of your feeds (by which I mean the XML) should give you that notification ...
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1 vote

Free feed reader with push notifications for iPhone

I discovered and so far, it works for me. However, setting up a new ticker is rather cumbersome. In brief, you have to create a "ticker", then a "channel" within that, and fill ...
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Looking for a "read it later" tool with rss reader

I do this with Feedly This is available on various platforms - web, mobile apps, browser plugins, etc. You can also export the articles that you wish to save to external applications such as ...
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RSS reader for Android

I am using spaRSS for some years now. Checking your requirements (✓=Present, ❌=Missing, ?=Unknown): Requirements ✓ allow importing feeds from OPML (e.g. for migration) and export as well ✓ allow ...
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