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Affordable ERP solutions with Project, BOM , Time

We use Vault-ERP for our business. It features time tracking, document management, and much more. Check them out here https://www.vault-erp.com/
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free erp accounting manufacturing inventory fixed assets dashboards

For an ERP, I would advise you start by exploring: ERPNext: It is free, and has accounting functions. It can handle inventory in multiple locations - warehouse/storage locations. It can run on ...
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Affordable ERP solutions with Project, BOM , Time

How many users do you have? Odoo charges a separate fee for each application used, in addition to user fee, so if you need a variety of applications, that would add a lot to your bill. If you need a ...
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Open source Erp

Just in case you're interested in something you didn't mention, and which is: NOT paid. ALSO completely open-source. NOT dead. Have a look at ERPAL for Service Providers, which is a "...
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Flexible Open Source ERP System/Framework that works on top a Graph Database?

For your problem you can use the open ERP Odoo version 10 it is the best free ERP you can use, it is a complete version that gives you a lot of possibilities and you can modify what you want Here is ...
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ERP, CRM (with sales support), and integrated DMS

You can check Compiere with Adempiere (DMS). They won't cost you anything for the community version, but I must tell you setting this up is not an easy task, you will have to read a lot the ...
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