One tool is Schema Crawler (along with a graphics add-on) which is open source. It is java based, so should run on windows (or almost any other OS). Schema Crawler Official Page Schema Crawler Github Page


I would suggest looking at: Graphviz it is free, runs on Windows, Linux & Mac. You describe what you need and it draws it for you - i.e. You define the nodes and connections with overrides on colours, line types, etc. - There is a bit of a learning curve but the results are very good so it is worth persevering. and you can generate your output in a ...


I would suggest taking a look at LibreOffice Draw: Free & Open Source Cross Platform Has its own clip art Can import clip art/images to use those Portable edition available so you can run from a USB key.


I think QuickDatabaseDiagrams will suit you perfectly... but I do work there! Pros Free It really is very quick. You just type and it draws the diagram. Relationships are drawn from field to field so it's clear what's going on. Web based so easy to access and share diagrams. Cons For your use case I honestly can't think of any. Other users should note ...


You can use Pencil: free and open source cross-platform supposed to be an open source Visio:


This isn't quite an ERD diagram designer but depending on your needs it might work well. yUML It lets you draw Class, Activity, & Use Case Diagrams via simple text input (it draws the diagram for you) With options to save as a PNG image, SVG, etc. e.g. Here's a quickly hacked up image...


ERWin is one of the good ones that I used. Not sure if it qualifies as "easy" for you, but it was for me. Sample diagram picture here (too big to inline). If you use AquaDataStudio, it includes ERD tool. Inferior to ERWin in my opinion, but that's subjective, functionality wise both are OK for what you need. Frankly I'm not very happy with line placement ...


Personally I think that Microsoft Visio is the best by far in terms of number of features it contains but the website draw.io (formerly known as Diagram.ly) is pretty good: free a good amount of shapes available connection with Google Drive and a few other online services


Dia is a diagram creation program for Linux, Unix and Windows Dia is roughly inspired by the commercial Windows program 'Visio', though more geared towards informal diagrams for casual use. Diashapes is an external program to download Dia compatibles shapes from the Internet.


What you are looking for is GraphViz which already has many questions on this site. It has been around for decades, is stable and well supported, and is generally the go to tool for generating all sorts of diagrams from text. Just take a look at the gallery. If you Google, you will find many hits on GraphViv ERD, here are just a few: Using Graphviz dot ...


For your problem you can use the open ERP Odoo version 10 it is the best free ERP you can use, it is a complete version that gives you a lot of possibilities and you can modify what you want Here is the link to download it : https://www.odoo.com/fr_FR/page/download


I used Dia for years, but changed a while back to Y-edit. It comes with some good built-in images, but what I really like is that you can add your own images and also assign them to section on the toolbar (houses, animals, etc). When I don't have the correct icon to hand, I download a Creative Commons image, edit it and scale it to suit, then import it. ...


I like Dia, though it's a little old it's free and open source, you can run it on Linux, Mac and Windows.


SQL Power Architect: Data Modeling & Data Profiling Tool will allow you create ER diagrams and then forward engineer that diagram into DDL for Oracle 9i/10g, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, MySQL, IBM DB2, or HSQLDB (but not SQLite). It won't allow you to edit an ERD created in a different program, although you can ...


It won't export to everything you want, but I've had a lot of good experiences with Oracle SQL developer data modeller (Not to be confused with Oracle SQL developer). I currently don't have a copy running so no screenshots, but I found it significantly easier to use in designing a database ERD than visio, and forward engineering DDL from it. Once you've ...

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