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Requests for software to read, create, or edit eBooks should use this tag.

eBooks (or, alternatively spelled E-books) are "electronic books", i.e. book-length publications in digital form. The most common format for them probably is PDF (created by Adobe), the most wide-spread open and free format EPUB, and the best known reading device Amazon's Kindle. E-books can be read on many devices like computers, tablets, and even smartphones.

When to use this tag?

You should use this tag when looking for...

  • eBook readers (software, of course)
  • eBook creators (like Calibre)
  • software to edit eBooks directly, or proof-read them

When not to use this tag

You should not use it when looking for eBooks themselves. In fact, you should not even commit your question then: this site is for software recommendations, not reading tipps :)