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3 votes

Map of pictures on my computer, by EXIF geolocation

digiKam fits most of your requirements. It is a free and open source image viewer and library manager for Linux. It has a bunch of managing features around editing tags and EXIF information and also ...
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2 votes

Customizable open-source content and file management web-app

You can use a CMS like Drupal for this, in conjuction with some of its modules. There are a number of ways to achieve this in drupal. For instance, you can have a content type called "Star" with ...
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2 votes

Photo manager - alternative to Picasa

Candidates: IMatch It's a fairly decent DAM and has provisions for broad use.
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1 vote

Photo management / social network web portal for family photos

I have heard of a tool that sounds like it can do what you need. It's called Storyark and it's still in development. But you can sign up for a waitlist for early access. I think the basic idea is to ...
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1 vote

Customizable open-source content and file management web-app

I would suggest Liferay: Install and start Liferay Inside Liferay, create a "site". Create a "Web Content" structure that represents a star. Its fields could be: Name Status (potential or in ...
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1 vote

Map of pictures on my computer, by EXIF geolocation

The Google Photos Android app has a map feature. I'm not sure how you're supposed to get to it, but if you type in a place name to the search box and click on the map pin icon, it will open the photo ...
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1 vote

Map of pictures on my computer, by EXIF geolocation

The Geographic-Map of the android gallery app "A Photo Manager" (where i am the author of) shows markers where photos where taken/geo-tagged. I currently use the app with 20 000 photos in 800 ...
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1 vote

Digital asset management for Photography

It sounds like a lot of your desired features are covered by darktable although some are described differently: Cost: Free, Gratis Target Platform: Windows, Mac & Linux Offline: Yes - you can ...
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1 vote

Software for Windows/Office Asset Management

Try 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer. It detects the license keys for Microsoft Windows and Office on network computers. You can create reports on these keys and store manually added keys in the ...
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