ILSpy is one of the more popular FOSS .NET decompilers. It's pretty intuitive to use, though I have not yet tried Reflector so I can't compare them. Unfortunately, it doesn't completely satisfy your requirements, though it gets close. There is no support for decompiling to C++/CLI, though it does work well for IL, C# and VB.NET. You can click on class and ...


I personally am a big fan of dotPeek from Jetbrains as it ties in very nicely with Resharper and has some additional features to pull in .pdb:


I used CFR and output looks good. It understands generics, formatting is clean. Not sure if naming (local variable ) can be better. Here is an example which shows the naming problem. See output from java.util.ArrayDequeue( private void doubleCapacity() { int n; assert (this.head == this.tail); int n2 = this.head; int n3 = ...


Olly debugger is helpful, it is freeware, and is the best possible software; I recommend it over Hex-rays IDA pro(worth $400-$500). But one thing is for sure you really need to fasten your buckle to handle all the subroutines and functions if you are going to assemble the code your self. ( A YES it includes everything or MORE you demanded a software to do. )


SWFTools - SWF manipulation and generation utilities You can install SWFTools distribution (which has also a command line program), and use SWFExtract, that can decompile flash files. On OSX, install via: brew install swftools. This will install tools such as: as3compile, font2swf, jpeg2swf, pdf2swf, png2swf, swfbbox, swfc, swfcombine, swfdump, swfextract,...


If I get you right, you want something like dnSpy which decompiles to async and await keywords as shown in this screenshot I took from version 5: Version 4 was not able to decompile async/await.


I was able to disassemble a cartridge using this script. In my case the script returned four files with jpeg extension: one empty, two valid JPEG and one which turned out to be a compiled lua script. Using unluac.jar I decoded it to a readable script.


The answers here are good for the time the question has been asked. In the meanwhile, IMHO, dnSpy has outperformed them. ✓ Visualize as C# or VB.NET - or IL ✓ Navigation between classes - by Ctrl+Click ✓ Examination of resources - live preview ? Handling .NET since 2.0 - I could not find such an old program for testing :-) ✓ Exporting classes to source ...

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