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Simple html to pdf conversion commandline tool for automated file creation

My question was perfectly answered on stackoverflow so I'll just link it here Turns out modern chromium based browsers already have an API where you can ...
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HTML5 to HTML3 Converter

It's not clear what is meant by "convert". An HTML-3 browser will silently ignore any tags it doesn't recognize, so in effect it is already converted. If it means that the converted page ...
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GUI app for converting floating point to binary

The dc (desk-calculator) command allows specifying both input and output bases: $ echo 2 o 3.14159 p | dc 11.00100100001111110 Or: $ dc 2 o 3.14159 p 11.00100100001111110 q "2 o" says ...
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Cuda to OpenCL conversion

Citing from the very helpful AndiH/gpu-lang-compat GitHub repo: SYCLomatic translates CUDA code to SYCL code, allowing it to run on Intel GPUs; also, Intel's DPC++ Compatibility Tool can transform ...
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A tool to convert Python into human readable Go code which still needs manual tuning

One such tool is pytogo According to its readme pytogo is a fast, crude, incomplete Python-to-Go translator meant to assist a human programmer in translating large volumes of Python to ...
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Command line or PHP tool to convert a .txt file to a PDF on Windows

I think you are looking for pandoc - the universal document converter. I just tried this command, and it created a PDF from the txt. pandoc -i my-upgrade-notes.txt -o my-upgrade-notes.pdf
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Convert JPG files to video

FFmpeg can do that (free, open source, cross-platform, has official Ubuntu packages). Assuming you have a folder full of JPG files named like "img043251.jpg", "img043252.jpg" and so on, something like ...
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