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Is there a good Terraform provider for provisioning VMs on KVM/QEMU

The best KVM provider I've found so far is terraform-provider-libvirt. It provides full support for managing KVM VMs from Terraform and it still under very active development. The only minor ...
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Commandline config manager

Not really. If it existed, it wouldn't be config-based, just a generic value editor of different formats. You have apps such as: yq - supports easy editing of YAML, JSON, XML, TOML and CSV dasel - ...
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Version control of linux configuration: /etc and installed packages

For the first piece, etckeeper might be a good candidate: etckeeper is a collection of tools to let /etc be stored in a git, mercurial, bazaar or darcs repository. This lets you use git to review or ...
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Python package that knows how to manipulate config files for various software products

Found it: Augeas - a configuration API Augeas is a configuration editing tool. It parses configuration files in their native formats and transforms them into a tree. Configuration changes are made ...
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Tool that combines JSON Schema driven form generation with CMS on GIT tool?

If I understand you correctly, you are looking for FrontAid CMS. It is a CMS for JSON files in Git. You can define a data model using JSON and the model itself is contstrained by JSON Schema. Based on ...
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Software to prevent configuration editing mistakes

I personally had this problem too and hence I forked this project and added more functionality, but for your use case the original project has enough ...
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Change Detection

You should be able to get this with cron or anacron, an SSH client, diff, and whatever program you want to use to send an alert. Use an (ana)cron job to periodically run a command like ssh user@server ...
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Is there a good Terraform provider for provisioning VMs on KVM/QEMU

There are now packages for CentOS, Fedora and Ubuntu as well:
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Tool for QA Test Environment (VMs) Management?

I would suggest taking a look at Vagrant Up, Packer, etc., from HashiCorp the have both Open Source tools and commercial offerings to allow you to specify & manage the images that your VMs are ...
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Web-based network configuration control panel for Linux hosts

As @Izzy explained, I have tried webmin and it works much better as it is common from the control panels. It has also modules for the network configuration.
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Free/ Open Source/ Cheap: Lean & light way to Backup & Restore few INI/ CFG files?

How about writing a script file that makes archives of the files every few hours (or whenever), having it run at startup, make archives, and sleep a few hours should work. I don't know much windows ...
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Tool to capture all config changes

I see you you have requested quite a few things because something you have from the SQL server and something from the underlying Windows server. We have a tool that will pick all the data from the ...
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