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What virtual desktop software can catch programs into their desktop?

VirtuaWin Apparently I didn't explore the program sufficiently. This tool is so great. Open Windows Rules Config as you wish. It even has a helpful help file.
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Human (body) detection/recognition open source software?

OpenCV can detect faces and/or upright people and has examples of doing both. It can be used from C/C++/python and is open source & cross platform. While it is not a ready made solution it can ...
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Open source ready-to-use computer vision to tell whether a picture shows a dog/car/etc

On the Tensorflow Github site there are pretrained models, some of which are based on Image collections. I think with some digging you'll find more. Here is one available as a NodeJS model: ...
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Library/service/API that can be used to assign relevant tags to content

Check out Open Calais. Here is the result I get from your proposed body: Topics: Technology Internet 84% Labor 82% Business Finance 65% Social Tags: Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Reddit I'm searching for ...
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