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I found that python-telegram-bot is very good. It is updated quite often and has: has a complete documentation a sort of Wiki many example bots and of course a Telegram channel.


According to this answer in a similar question, Zulip is modern and open source chat solution. And it can handle threads (which mattermost and rocket-chat can't do at the moment).


Discord Features Discord is free and the most popular team communication app for gamers. The platform provides users with familiar Slack-like UI, Skype-like video, and voice chats. Discord is amazing to use while participating in a Dota 2 battle, but it also meets collaboration challenges many companies face. The tool divides channels by text and voice. ...

1 is open source. I have never used it, but the feature list looks promising: chat features audio calls video calls screen sharing ....


Mattermost is the main alternative to Slack that covers most of your requirements. I have not looked at it in a while, but you will also find a few useful others here in previous questions: Team chat with private rooms, file upload and link previews (alternative to Slack) Team chat with native Android/iOS apps, all open source (alternative to Slack)

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