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Wow. It's amazing that Google's main product is a search engine, yet the search functionality on their own Google Play Store is so horrible. After hours of searching, I finally found the exact app that meets the above requirements. It's called Autorun and the link is here. Many thanks to the author of that perfectly simple app. I hope this helps others ...


I would suggest checking out Vargant which will let you start a VM including PXE based ones and test the installation process without restarting hardware. There are a number of articles available on the use of Vagrant & PXE such as this . Vagrant-PXE may well be a good starting point for you.


As @Davidenko said, Ubuntu does come with its own; however, if you want to use standalone software then you should check out EasyBCD which runs on Windows and is free for personal use. EasyBCD EasyBCD is NeoSmart Technologies multiple award-winning answer to tweaking Windows bootloader. With EasyBCD, almost anything is possible, e.g. to boot a Win7-...

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