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Online public database for book readers

GoodReads matches your needs. Here is the link: GoodReads
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Simple and free book library management system (ILS) for a small library

The best solution out there that fits my requirements is: BiblioteQ It is: Free and open source: GitHub. Self contained and offline. Windows, Linux and MAC compatible (For both x86 and ARM ...
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rough comparison of files

I think a good buzzword here would be "fuzzy diff". Possible answer: online tool to evaluate:
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Is there free book-writing software without the page break?

You can use a Markdown editor such as Typora. Typora supports exporting to PDF, and for other formats such as docx or EPUB, you can use Pandoc. See if you ...
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Find Goodreads books in Library catalog

Available Goodreads extension for Chrome Not a web app, but this is probably better. Only works for Overdrive. It adds "Available on Overdrive" to Goodreads book description pages, bookshelves, and ...
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Bibliography for a specific author

I've worked with book metadata enough (while developing Citematic) to be confident that there are no really good sources. The problem is likely that the biggest sources were created by merging the ...
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Book downloader analogue of youtube-dl?

There is an open source project hosted by CodePlex, that lets you download Google Books for free by using the Google Books Downloader which is available for free. Google Books Downloader Lite is a ...
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Library management system (ILS) for small community with mobile support

You should have a look at Drupal, and use either of the below contributed modules and/or distributions for managing reservations, for something that is not a room (or a variation of that). These ...
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System to manage a collection of ebooks

Check out calibre. Calibre allows for an advanced search for (not limited to) Title, Author(s), Date, Size (MB), Tags, Series, Publisher, Published, and more.
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Web based, userfriendly and open source "stuff" managing system

I will suggest taking a look at the various resources here: list-open-source-software-for-resource-scheduling-and-booking There are a couple of systems that can be adapted for your purposes e.g. ...
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Software to catalogue private physical book library

Calibre for ebooks, it's free and runs on Windows, OSX and Linux
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Online service for reading books

It seems provides a reading experience for the browser, but lacks two things important for me: PDF import, which is important for reading studies and scanned books. ...
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Managing a reading list of pdf files

If most of these are from online sources you could try vivaldi browser. They have a reading list feature where you can add sites to a reading list, search items on list, and mark them as read.
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What WYISWYG/GUI eBook editor do you reccomend?

I have experience with Kotobee Author and I can tell you that it is what you're looking for. Kitaboo as well I think but I haven't used it much. Only Kotobee. the thing is Kotobee now offers widgets (...
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Software for song book (booklet)

I would suggest taking a look at LilyPond it is one of the best music typesetting packages available: Free, Gratis & Open Source Cross Platform Windows, Linux & OS-X Includes multiple types ...
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Free book summary application usable on Linux

Maybe Twine can work for you? open-source, free, runs on Linux and in your browser, enables you to document the main events of your story (you create a passage for each event), enables you to link ...
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The best software to create book?

Did you try Madoko? (or *.pdf) You can connect to your local documents offline via the npm package madoko. Also, there's a video ...
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What to use to publish a free book online?

How about gitbook? It has offline editor, and this is example of novel published using gitbook. Go to to see example using comment inside ...
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Paid software for full research paper, journal article viewing

If gratis is OK, you can do the following: Install a torrent client See Bulk download Sci-Hub papers You can still donate to them.
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I need software for small library

Have you had a look at BiblioteQ? It seems like something that could fit your needs (although, granted, it might be a bit very feature rich, but it does what you want it to nevertheless): it is free ...
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