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Windows PC as a bluetooth gamepad

I still found no solution for the original request, but I found a workaround that works even better for my situation. Turns out all I needed was a USB OTG cable, which allows me to connect USB type A ...
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Windows PC as a bluetooth gamepad

Note: I have found no solution to use the PC as a bluetooth game pad. This is all workarounds. Streaming games from Android to PC If you have an android device, and you have a game installed on the ...
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Monitor bluetooth commands sent by my laptop

Probably Wireshark could be very useful, nothing escapes you. Since the Wireshark system is large and vast, it deserves an equally large and extensive explanation. So it will not be enough a short ...
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Text-to-speech for Windows 10 PC name

It can actually be done witout extra software: In Windows, go to Device Manager, and open the properties of the Bluetooth Adapter installed. The Advanced tab contains a field called Name for the ...
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Free software for CSR Bluetooth usb dongle on Windows 7

Unfortunately there is no actualy free Bluetooth drivers. Usualy your dongle should include drivers. If it does not try any Toshiba. Probably it has your dongle's PID/VID and will work in full mode (...
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