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A web browser used in mobile phones to be used on desktop

With Chrome you can easily Simulate Mobile Devices with Device Mode and test a given device (such as iPhone 6s, Nexus 5X or a customized screen size). You can also throttle the bandwidth to simulate ...
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Open Source Filter Analysis and Design Software Tool

Octave as open source software, a clone of Matlab, is a good tool for Design and Analysis of digital Filters. Compared to Matlab, one has to do all in code, while Matlab deals with nice GUI tools.
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Monitoring employee wireless device signal strength/bandwidth/etc

What I ended up doing was creating tasks to run on user logon, and then again every 15 minutes, these tasks can be created with the schtasks command: schtasks /create /sc ONLOGON /tn wifi1 /tr <....
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Does anyone know any software that allows me to track my computer's bandwidth per hour?

There are a few options you can use to monitor bandwidth utilization on your device(s). Depending on your router as well, this may have the capacity to monitor the traffic used per device over a ...
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How to limit the available bandwidth for specific processes on Windows 8.1 Pro

A third-party solution is the free ASRock XFast LAN utility distributed by ASRock with its network cards, but which can also be installed for any other network card. This program has a different ...
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Glasswire Alternative for Linux? CLI or GUI

I found a solution with NetHog using: sudo nethogs -v 3 See my answer here. You can use nethog with total bandwidth monitored per MB since it started with: sudo nethogs -v 3
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Android app to show what apps/processes are currently using data

Since there was no answer posted yet, I decided to include it anyway. Currently the best option of achieving that is using Network Connections as Izzy rightly suggested (and I happen to use the same ...
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Multi-Host Network Bandwidth Monitor

I run my kid's traffic on my LAN through a Pi running ntop - provides a nice graphical interface of hosts involved, how much bandwidth, etc.
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Multi-Host Network Bandwidth Monitor

If you are thinking of putting something together yourself you can monitor network usage in python using psutil, details here, and obviously in python it is simple enough to save &/or share those ...
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