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.odm to .mp3 Audiobook Converter

The .odm file is not an actual audio book it is an XML media file that defines information about the audio book and where to download it from. The application to open it is Overdrive Media which is a ...
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DAISY player with GUI

It looks like DaisyDuck does what you need it too. It's open source and contains a GUI interface for playing Daisy Digital audiobooks. It provides an audiobook navigation structure and allows you to ...
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Audiobook player for Android

I had forgotten about that question, but I found out that MX Player actually does a good job. In particular, it has the most important feature - it remembers positions, per each file. Also, it ...
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Software to download audio playing on a website

In general if a webpage does not prevent this, you can download media with browser extensions, such as flashgot for firefox or bulk media downloader for chrome. Understandably Audiobook Cup does not ...
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Android app for listening to downloaded audio/podcast that remembers where you left off?

Voice (also available on F-Droid) is a free open-source audiobook player that saves your position, allows increasing the playback speed up to 2.5×, skipping silence, and skipping back or forward 20 ...
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Android app for listening to downloaded audio/podcast that remembers where you left off?

My recommendation would be PocketCasts I can stop playback and even close the app, reboot my phone, and come back to it later and I don’t lose my place in the book. That is, the app remembers the ...
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Software recommendation to remove parts of audio from an audible audibook

Update: As of 06/13, I can confirm that the Tuneskit Audible Converter is able to decrypt Audible audiobooks without using the analog loophole. I set it up on a system without the components necessary ...
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