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Understanding computers better with assembly

Is there a software that can simulate a CPU with RAM? CPU Sim would appear to fit the bill. CPU Sim is a Java application that allows users to design simple computer CPUs at the microcode level and ...
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Assembly Debugger

Take a look at Evan's Debugger. (open source for linux) https://github.com/eteran/edb-debugger http://www.codef00.com/projects#debugger Printscreen:
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Automate a debugging process

The GNU Debugger, (GDB), is able to step though the code one instruction at a time with inspection of the state of the processor registers. It is script-able in Python so you should be able to do what ...
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Machine code parser for Linux

https://github.com/aquynh/capstone Capstone is a disassembly framework with the target of becoming the ultimate disasm engine for binary analysis and reversing in the security community. ...
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Is there a editor for MIPS Assembly .s files?

CudaText editor (open source, cross platform) supports this. You need to install lexer "Assembly MIPS" from Addon Manager. call menu item "Plugins/ Addon Manager/ Install" enter there MIPS to find ...
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Best setup to follow an old book on assembly programming?

I would suggest trying to go for the FreeDOS platform first. There are a lot of options that would make your life easier vs going with an actual IBM or MS-DOS installation. It might be worth while ...
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