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Try TorchSoft ASCII Art Studio works on Windows supports shapes, tables text mode for easy editing freehand drawing conversion from picture to ASCII it has a 30 day trial single user license is 29.95 $


Maybe you're satisfied with Browsh:                                                       &...


The browser Browsh suggested by user simhumileco looks OK but the images are very low resolution. Other suggestions are: Lynx can be configured to display images using aaview or cacaview. w3m can be configured to display images using cacaview. Aaview can produce images as good as this: Cacaview adds color, and can produce images as good as this: Other ...


Plain Text Table suits most of your requirements. It's free and open sourced Use the tool online Please visit : Features Interactive input table (using handsontable) Unicode or ASCII output Flexible border configuration Merged cell support (colspan and rowspan) Multiline text in the cells Text alignement ...


You can use JavE: closed source freeware Cross-platform (Java) (java -jar jave5.jar) Also it contains a pretty nice math formula editor:


You can use asciiflow: proprietary, free of charge online can upload files to Google Drive basic shapes:


What you show in your example looks a lot like UML. If sequence diagrams are what you need, here's a tool that does both ASCII and Unicode PlantUML, Open Source


FAR Manager has an internal editor with "Draw Lines" capability (Press F11, then select "Draw lines"). May be enough for your purposes.


For Android, I can warmly recommend Moon+ Reader Pro (for PDF, you will need the paid version). (One of) the fastest PDF readers, well supported – I use it myself for years. As a side-effect, you'll have the same features for many other eBook formats. Annotations (and highlights) are saved into the PDF file directly (so you see them with other readers as ...

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