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FOSS alternative to GitHub Copilot?

I think Tabby, "Opensource, self-hosted AI coding assistant", is what you're looking for: Easy to configure: Controls deployment with simple TOML config Open source: Audit the entire Tabby ...
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FOSS alternative to GitHub Copilot?

Perhaps codegpt is worth a look. It's not open source but there is a free tier. It is not for Vim either. They have documented via Screenshot (and Video) how to configure VSCode to build a connection ...
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FOSS alternative to GitHub Copilot? for VSCode and JetBrains Can be used with self hosted LLMs with (As for the preferable part) I don't think it has a vim integration as of this time.
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FOSS alternative to GitHub Copilot?

Tabnine has a plugin for NeoVim, and unlike Microsoft Copilot, it doesn't give you copyright-infringing code. Just make sure to link to the dataset at in the documentation of ...
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FOSS alternative to GitHub Copilot?

codeium.vim seems promising: codeium.vim Free, ultrafast Copilot alternative for Vim and Neovim Codeium autocompletes your code with AI in all major IDEs. We launched this implementation of the ...
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probably-AI "speech-to-speech" (text-to-speech cued by a recording)

OpenVoice Please have a look at OpenVoice. While I have not tested it myself, it seems to match your requirements. OpenVoice has been powering the instant voice cloning capability of since ...
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Image generation/editing AI which is good at prompts related to glyphs/text

Gemini generated many images where the D was not readable, but also some where it is very readable and still part of the dragon's body: Disclaimer: Made by my company.
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