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Paid or Free API service to flatten the PDFs

There seems to be some confusion between the options "flatten" and "rasterize" in PDF files. When you rasterize a PDF, you convert it into an image with a specific resolution DPI. ...
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Are there some private library apps that can connect to a custom DB?

You are not the first facing this problem, so look at what other users do: There are plenty of Plugins for WordPress that can be much better than BookBuddy+ You can search directly into the WordPress ...
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Screen reader Android app that sends text as an API request

If it's just regular text (not OCR) then Tasker is an example of a tool that can do it (and much more) prett well: reading text on screen can be done with e.g. AutoInput addon and its UI queries text ...
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Is there an AI engine, or API to AI engine that can create vector graphics?

Adobe Illustrator can do text-to-vector-graphic generation: Disclaimer: I work for Adobe.
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Music recognition software API

You could submit your own audio fingerprints to acoustid and then query against it. Note: I've not used it but it seems relevant to your use case (assuming you still need this 2 years later).
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Language detection

Not exactly what you want. But I believe you should have a try. You may use Fasttext | Language Identification to identify languages. It is not a service, but a machine learning model. import fasttext ...
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Dictionary API supporting Javascript

I created one: Synonyms are on my TODO-List I'll add usage limits depending on the load of the server.
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