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HTML form + PHP administration of htpasswd users (add, delete, change password)?

This may be an option https://github.com/rafaelgou/php-apache2-basic-auth-manager. Don't have any experience with it, and not sure it has a super user... Is written entirely in PHP and Javascript, ...
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Are ESB still worth as communication layer? Which ones?

I don't know, I don't have enough details. As you are using SFTP, Samba and Google Cloud Storage it seems to me that you are moving .CSV and probably ingesting them through SSIS. Then you are also ...
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Java Library to convert pptx to image

Spire.Presentation for Java library can be used to convert ppt/pptx to images (for instance, jpg, png, tiff, bmp). Apart from conversion, the library also supports lots of other manipulations, such as ...
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Scala ide recommandation

From my experience, IntelliJ is the quickest way to get started. If you already use eclipse regularly and are comfortable with it, you could try it, but intelliJ works as soon as you install the ...
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CSS animation is not working

Sorry,I got answer by myself. I should specify the document which IE ver use in html file. <meta http-equiv="x-ua-compatible" content="IE=10" > index2.html is changed as fallows <!DOCTYPE ...
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Apache as Reverse Proxy on Windows

Xamp, Wampserver and Bitnami Wamp Stack are for development. They are a "easy install" soft that install all you need for do some web development. The other two are what you are looking for; any will ...
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Proxy server software that can embed/bundle javascript

Google has developed an nginx and apache module with a lot of useful optimizations. One of them is javascript minification and concatenation. I have never tryed it but it seems to be what you are ...
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Tool to generate .htaccess HTTP 301 redirects for site migration

I discovered this very nifty free online utility: .HtAccess 301 Redirect Generator Tool It's simple, allows you pass query strings, and even separate your old URL from your new URL list with ...
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What technology stack is needed to scale my app and find a balance between performance and productivity?

DB has to be SQL, but MySQL is buggy and I need a faster DB system for faster response times to the client. sqlite would be a good choice: The SQLite website (https://www.sqlite.org/) uses SQLite ...
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