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Cheap cloud functions with database

If you’re looking for a relational database and have very little DB load, you could look into Aurora Serverless. Also, if you don’t mind managing the DB server yourself, you could set up MySQL on a ...
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Search tool for big list on

I do not have a software for you, but maybe this will help you anyway. You could use the MWS API and look for some plugins or write it yourself: ...
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Is there an OpenSource alternative for AWS?

Are you looking for OpenStack? OpenStack is a free and open-source software platform for cloud computing, mostly deployed as infrastructure-as-a-service, whereby ...
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Relational database service billed on reads/writes rather than time

Probably there is no such service. Both SQL services from Google Cloud include hourly pricing too: Cloud SQL Cloud Spanner
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Amazon S3 - which of Perl packages to use to access it

I believe it is difficult to answer your questions, because it really depends on your needs. How will you use these modules? What program do you have? Have you looked at these modules' documentation ...
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Gratis GUI client for DynamoDB

You might also use Dynobase. It works on Mac, Windows and Linux non-gratis feature list Disclaimer: I am the founder of
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