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Is there software out that removes static porn ads from sites?

uBlock Origin is a customizable browser extension that can block almost any content, including porn ads. Since, by default, uBlock Origin blocks most ads, it should also block any ads promoting ...
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Manage advertisements on my website

Revive Adserver is open source and has very extensive features. Installation and config is a bit complicated though. It uses php+MySQL.
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How to automatically close a new tab/window opening automatically with specific web-address?

Try one of the more robust popup blockers from the Firefox Add-ons store: Popup Blocker (strict) Popup Blocker Ultimate https://addons.mozilla....
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Android app to scan other apps for ad libraries and report which libraries are used

There are several of those – but it indeed looks as if everyone stopped updating them. The one from Lookout had good details. One of the few that still seems to be updated is Denper's Addons Detector:...
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