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Visual on-screen program for typing using mouse movement

I found it after looking through all the GNOME accessibility apps. I was a little off about how it worked, but I think I got the gist. The program is called dasher. It works like this: This software ...
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Android application for learning Chinese stroke characters in radicals and stroke groups

I personally use an app called Kanji Study with the outliner add-on. It has a radical dictionary and shows the radicals composing a Kanji. With the add-on, you'll also see the different components of ...
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Web app for learning American Sign Language

As a native sign language user I highly suggest you start with lifeprint.com it is excellent for the free YouTube videos and the dictionary explains the many nuances and uses of each word. It helps a ...
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Android web browser that allows zooming in on any page

You can enable force zoom on Chrome. Go to Settings>Accessibility>Force enable zoom. Hope it works for every website. I've tried it on a couple of sites which did not want to zoom and it worked so ...
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Is there an equivalent to a "Reading guide strip" for Windows, OS X or Linux?

If you are reading pdfs on a Mac you could try Skim. It has a reading bar which by default focuses on one line. You can also change the colour in the menu item: Skim>Preferences>Display. You can ...
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Software to select portion of screen, and click

FOUND IT! Keynav: Retire your mouse (C, X11) Keynav is a piece of an on-going experiment to make pointer-driven interfaces easier and faster for users to operate. It lets you move the pointer ...
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Is there an app that can read the clock out loud on a smart TV?

I checked and found this: TellMeTheTime App Im not sure if it's what you are looking for.
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Email client for visually impaired on Windows 10

Thunderbird is no perfect choice either, but it offers some accessibility features out of the box. I can't test it on Windows, but it should all lead to similar results. Increasing the font size: ...
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Android apps that can blank background during video calls

I don't think this can be done in software alone. Apple has a structure known as 'Centre Stage' which does precisely this - it can follow the subject as they move & maintain framing - but it can ...
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Windows (or cross-platform) app to copy strings from any window, especially error messages

The Windows scripting language AutoIt comes with a tool named AutoIt Window Information Tool that allows to extract a lot of details from every Window, dialog and even control in a dialog/window. It ...
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Windows (or cross-platform) app to copy strings from any window, especially error messages

GetWindowsText https://softwareok.com/?seite=Microsoft/GetWindowText But you can copy text from standard error windows simply by press CTRL+C
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PDF accessibility scanner CLI

Here are some resources that might help: Create a Batch Sequence , still needs to be triggered manually Maybe pair a Batch Sequence with this add-on; but that may not be a "valid use of Acrobat&...
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Making an iPhone "senior-friendly"

iOS has almost zero support for customizations. What you want is essentially impossible. You can create Siri shortcuts for them to simplify some common workflows. I doubt it would work all that well, ...
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Simple Android app that sets the device's display to maximum brightness

It is possible to set maximum screen brightness using the Termux app with its Termux:API add-on app by issuing the termux-brightness 255 command. You must grant the Termux app the android.permission....
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macOS extended characters-like popover on Windows

The Keyxpat tool allows to access any set of characters you define when typing and holding specific keys. For example, hold E and you will be able to choose between é, è, ê, ë, either visually or ...
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Wii games for a child with motor impairment

Check out the totally underrated physics game Boom Blox, Boom Blox - youtube It is a fun game that uses the nunjuks and can be single player and multiplayer, (either working together or against ...
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Screen filter for colorblind

Windows already has native capability to do that since Windows 10 Build 16215 where there are some color filters for ease of access which can be toggled by Windows+Ctrl+C Windows 10 now includes ...
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Screen filter for colorblind

Vision does this. It's software for real-time screen daltonization. You can also customize the correction strength. To calculate the values you need to use you can do this color blindness test.
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Have to speak pre-written sentences

There is an app called YASFA on F-Droid that lets you write some predefined words or sentences and upon clicking them it plays them out. The app also comes with some predefined words that are useful ...
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App to help hard of hearing (HoH) for phone calls/conversations/public lectures

RogerVoice seems interesting for cell phone calls using Android phones. http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rogervoice.app&hl=en) This application converts voice to text for the ...
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Is there an equivalent to a "Reading guide strip" for Windows, OS X or Linux?

Try this digital reading strip: See-n-read.com/products/esee-n-read-2/
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