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Blender Starts off right off the bat with a CUBE. Tap TAB for Edit mode Hit the number 3 Click on the TOP surface the one we will extrude now. Hit e for Extrude Press the number 2 key and ENTER which will indicate 2m in height since that is the default. Move the UP and a new one with come forth. After you have a few of them. Now SHIFT click ALL the ...


Try gnuplot. Part of the GNU software universe (linux, *bsd) but there are ports for most to windows/mac. It's been years. You may need to transform your data file.


Since the graphic is isometric, it seems you don't need a too realistic drawing. In that case, I would use Inkscape. Inkscape it not a 3D tool, it's a 2D tool. But as you'll see you can get a 3D-like result. Inkscape is gratis and creates vector graphics that have good quality and can be exported to pixel graphics. Create a rectangle and single click it a ...


Other than a time machine so as get a lot more time than 1 month you are going to need something that does it all for you. I would suggest using the Godot game engine. The actual development language can be C++, C# (using Mono), GDScript or one of the community supported languages. It is free, gratis & open source with a permissive MIT licence Cross ...

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