I am looking for a **stable** Linux - I mean stable not necessarily because based on stable releases like Ubuntu LTS, but because **well supported by maintainers and community** — one that would be **focused** on Plasma/KDE desktop as their **flagship** DE in the way Ubuntu is on Gnome (and especially was on *Unity*), Mint (especially) on *Cinnamon*, Solus on *Budgie*, Elementary on *Pantheon*, Bodhi on *Enlightenment*, and **not just a "flavor" in Ubuntu's sense, or a "spin" in Fedora's**. Thus, although Kubuntu and Fedora KDE deserve a mention in this context, the question here is *not* about this type of distributions.

Plasma was always for me the most complex, interesting and intelligent desktop - one that it's worth an **exclusive focus** from the part of a Linux distribution. 

**What such distributions are there?**

- ***And why not Neon?***

Just read [their FAQ][1]:

> What is KDE neon?  KDE neon is a rapidly updated software repository.
> Most users will want to use the packages built from released software
> which make up our User Edition. KDE contributors and testers can use
> the packages built from KDE Git in the Testing and Unstable Editions.
> It uses the foundation of the latest Ubuntu LTS (20.04).
> Is this "the KDE distro"?  Nope. KDE believes it is important to work
> with many distributions, as each brings unique value and expertise for
> their respective users. This is one project out of hundreds from KDE.


> Is it a distro?  Not quite, it's a package archive with the latest KDE
> software on top of a stable base. While we have installable images,
> unlike full Linux distributions we're only interested in KDE software.

I had tested Neon and quickly found it one of the most unstable Plasma desktops, no matter the unshakable enthusiasm of adventurers who would quickly become bored with a stable Linux. (On my latest try it stopped working after changing the locale to "default" and logging out. That instability may be a freak event related to my hardware etc but it is significant). Neon is latest Plasma possible put on top of a stable Ubuntu and its purpose is that of *testing the continuous changes of the desktop environment*, and **not** that of building a KDE Linux distro. (There are indeed a lot of good reviews of how good and stable Nero is and I don't really know what to make of them, maybe people are pleasantly surprised by the stability after a day or a week, when they anticipated havoc...)

  [1]: https://neon.kde.org/faq