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Best CMS for my personal web

I’m planning to make a new webpage; It’s a thing I’ve been thinking about some years ago, but I’ve never started. But it’s now or never.

I want to make a platform to discuss themes of my interest, about morality, society, religion, technology, human behavior, physics, gaming, software developing, and a lot of things to come.

I want it to be like this:

• A forum to discuss and share ideas, to communicate with other people without having the constraints of my immediate environment.

• A personal mark of who I am, what I want, my visión of the world, the existence, people, and our role in existence; I plan to let some people in my daily life to know about my web to be able to establish more profound links between people.

Here is a basic mockup; The features I want for my web are:

enter image description here

It has to have the Structure shown in the picture above: A hierarchical tree for categories (tags - the posts will have multiple tags) and themes, search capabilities, multimedia content and so on; Here are the detailed specifications:

• Only one web site: I once had a website that had a main webpage and a forum-like webpage. This has to be all in the same CMS.

• Open-source, well known software: Like wordpress.org or Joomla with the needed plugins, with a huge community behind. I want to learn and I cannot waste my time with “marginal” alternative software.

• Responsive: From phones, tablets, computers…

• Multi language support: For the web itself (menus, interface) and also for the content, with semi-automatic and manual translation services; I’ll write in English, Catalan, Spanish and French.

• Search by title, category, rating, number of answers, and others

• Users will be able to see content without login, but not able to like/dislike, create or modify comments.

• Moderate comments: logged-in users will see their new / edited posts after publishing them, but the other users and not logged-in users will not be able to see them until I, as the admin, approve them.

• Antispam semi-automatic systems

• Content control for multimedia sizes, slang language and some other features.

• Notify settings to users and administrator

• I want to manage the entire web, having a local copy of it, easy and rich backup and restore features and so on. I don’t want a site like wordpress.COM (fully hosted), I want to get my hands dirty and have a full control over my web site.

• Easy WYSIWYG editor: insert multimedia content like videos, music, links, pictures have to be ridiculously easy to do.

• Configurable and programmable: I want to be able to change things at will in the future. I’m a software developer and I know that someday I will need to implement some programming.

• Google friendly: I want it to be compatible with Google Analytics and selective page indexing: I don’t want google to index pages that are not approved or drafts.

• Manage users: ban/approve users…

Also, if you know some a cheap or not too expensive web hosting, recommendations are very welcome.

Thanks in advance.