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Not quite what you are looking for but you could use Steganography to hide your really sensitive data in the picture of the cat, (possibly after encrypting the text data itself), and then encrypt the cat picture with a second password.

You would then need the first password to extract the cat and the other key(s), plus the knowledge that the data was there, to extract the hidden data from within the picture.

There are some techniques that can lead an expert to believe that there is hidden data within the picture and the quantity of information that can be embedded in a single picture is limited. The main reason that an expert would look to see if there is additional information hidden in the picture of a cat is the question of why you would encrypt a picture of a cat. To avoid this question I would suggest that a picture of a subject which is at least mildly embarrassing but not in itself grossly illegal in the jurisdiction concerned would be much more likely to escape detection of the hidden content.

Since the question is about which software to use to circumvent legal restrictions in specific locations I am not going to suggest any specific programs or products other than to say that if you have no secrets then nobody can prise them form you.