I am looking for a solution that would help me backup data of users that often work outside of office. Our environment is consistent - everyone is using Windows 7 laptops.

What I am expecting from my ideal software:

- run in tray and remind user to run a backup (when they are in the office / or on fast connection),
- let me define what to backup (selection list by folder),
- once a backup is running, let user do his job (that is - run backup process in the background),
- allow me to selectively choose what to restore (like restore only one file).

It would be nice if it also:

- support both full and incremental backup as well,
- communicate with a central unit (so that I as an admin can know which users did not backup their data in a long time).

All other features like encryption, compression, deduplication, pre- and post- backup actions, auto-purge, are not that important in our scenario.

Out of many backup software out there, which one do you think suits best in such scenario?