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Non-stop voice to text translation for Zoom meetings

Any suggestions for continuous voice to text translation for Zoom meetings? I know that room creator can enable automatic AI interpretation with subtitles, but what if one does not host but just ...
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Is there a way to prevent someone from screen recording ZOOM meetings from an outside software?

Is there a way to prevent someone from screen-recording your Zoom courses using a any screen recorder? If not, is there a solution like this that works for something other than Zoom or maybe an ...
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Software that secures streamed videos from piracy

Is there an app similar to ZOOM but that ensures the security of streamed videos? For example, I was researching about this and found that this Learning Management System (LMS) has this feature (https:...
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Dynamic picture for documentation

Could you suggest a tool to present a "dynamic picture" of software architecture with a level of detail? So that you can zoom in and out and see different levels of detail. In general this ...
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How to add an incoming landline call to an internet conference call?

Consider this scenario: I'm in an ongoing conference call using internet. (this conference call can be held on any suggested software like skype, google meet, zoom, etc etc) Someone calls me from a ...
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How can I achieve this "nametag" effect on video calls (Zoom and Google Meet)?

I like this idea that I see at but I want to be able to full customize one for myself in Photoshop. I tried making a .png file with transparency and using that as my &...
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Plotting IP-based or chat-based locations on a map, in real-time (Zoom conference)

I will be organising a Zoom event with around 300 participants distributed across several continents. As an ice-breaker, I'd like to start by asking everyone to type in the chat where they are joining ...
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Zoom-out Screen to view high res

I have really small display and there are apps that take large space of Windows so it's really hard to navigate them. I"m looking for a software to zoom out the entire screen so I can view these ...
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Zoom App for recording screen share

I used to use the Zoom application on my desktop to record the explanation of my lectures to my students starting from March 2020. The idea is to open a new meeting, share my slides and record the ...
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How to better use PC camera?

I have a reasonable camera on top of my Dell notebook (Windows 10 Pro). I cannot do much for lack of an app with features. For an idea what I have liked on another OS: I can use my Android phone via ...
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Software for virtual meetups in clusters

The problem overview: the teams that work remotely lack informal meetups to talk about interesting stuff not related to work. We need a software tool to fix it. How does it usually work with teams ...
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What is an alternative screen recorder for Zoom Meetings?

Have you tried to record your screen using by Zoom? It is recording into very small and good quality video file. I know the news about Zoom and wanna record my screen (even if I'm not making meeting) ...
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Is there any software that can automatically zoom to certain extent for many images?

I want to run 2 "services" at once. One, is upload non-profit Quran videos on YouTube while highlighting every word the reciter says, word by word (I currently have a channel that highlights verse by ...
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Extension for zooming webpage by regex

I want to zoom all sites with URL * to 120%, all sites with URL * to 130%. Is there a way to do so? So far I have to individually zoom each specific page, and it's ...
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