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Command line Archiving utility for Windows

I currently use an archive utility in the command line to create an archive zip file. I need to have a specific folder structure within the archive file so when it's extracted all data is in the ...
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How to store diffs of huge zip files instead of full updated zip files

Every 12 months, I use Google Takeout (and similar services for other platforms) to do exports of my data. Google unfortunately does not let me export a "diff" from what I downloaded last ...
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ZIP password cracker being able to deal with more recent versions of ZIP format

I am looking for a ZIP password cracking tool that is capable of dealing with modern variants of the ZIP format. When I opened it it shows errors about requiring "PK compat. v5.1". Tools ...
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Android app to open password-protected files within a ZIP

I often get emailed ZIP files containing one or more password-protected files, but the standard Android tools don't even try to open them. Is there a ZIP viewer that can handle them? I have the ...
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An HTTP server that streams directories as zip files

I'd like an extremely simple HTTP file server, whose sole function is to stream all directories under its root as zip files. Example: root/images/2022 Camping contains a bunch of images. I run the ...
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Looking for software such as ZipRepair or WinRAR that can repair files by command line or API

I'm looking for a way to repair a zip file that can be automated or scripted, such as through a command line or API. I've looked at a number of zip repair utilities, and searched through windows ...
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Utility to change password of ZIP compressed & encyrpted files

Please recommend a gratis Windows tool that will allow me to change the password of existing ZIP compressed archive files. I don't need a "cracking" tool. I know the existing password. I ...
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Which archive format is streamable and can encrypt the filenames too?

For example Zip is streamable or pipeable (at least the Linux version), but can not encrypt the filenames, only the data. 7zip and Rar are non streamable, eg it is impossible to pipe the compressed ...
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Consistent address generator

I need real or seeming real address dataset. Possible in CSV. Need Postal Code, City, Country, Street name, Street number. I found this, but I would avoid seemingly fake combinations, like american ...
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Autoextract zip files on Windows like Mac OS

Is there a program I can get for Windows that simply extracts zip files I open in the same place with its own folder just like Mac OS?
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Compression Tool (Zip/Rar) for Windows

I', looking for a zip/unzip tool for Windows PC. Preferably, Multi-core support Full 256-bit encryption Excel and Word add-ins to compress, send and encrypt the document(optional) Split-view ...
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2 answers

Need to find a tool that generates zips/distance from a master list of multiple zip codes

We create direct mail lists around groups of approx 20-50 site locations. There seem to be many (even free) tools to generate a list with one zip code/distance but we need to be able to enter a list ...
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Android tools for unzipping corrupt zip files

I had searched for some tools that can unzip files from a large corrupt zip file on android. I couldn't, so now I learned how to use ZipInputStream in java. Now I want to share the fruit of my tiny ...
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Change attributes of files in ZIP

I have one huge ZIP file, with 100s of directories and 1000s of files. These are also zipped ('nested' ZIP). What I want is to change the date/time attributes of all zipped ZIP files and 'core' files. ...
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Zipster alternative for macOS High Sierra

Zipster integrates support for browsing compressed files on macOS Finder but it's been discontinued. The website says: Support for this product has ended. There are known problems with this ...
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Maven scp and extract plugin

As part of a development deployment - I need to SCP a zipped folder of assets to a virtual machine, and then extract it there. Is there a plugin(s) that will do this, before I roll my own?
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Secure File Storage

I have some file I want to store that I do not want to be readable with out proper software or conversion. I used to ZIP file until Windows 7 Started to scan the zip file and "Remove Viruses". The ...
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C++ library to compress files with password protection

I would like to ask for any recommendation for good C++ library to compress files/folders (usually the libs are stream oriented without good file support). Currently we use minizip (based on zlib) ...
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What's the best Windows archive tool (WinRAR, WinZip, etc)? [closed]

I have some data that has been downloaded with the extension .zip or .gz. I always have had WinRAR software installed on my computer and I was always able to uncompress such files. But last night I ...
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An intelligent unzipping program for windows

Oftentimes I'll have one of two problems when unzipping an archive in windows. Either I'll get a duplicate folder structure Extract to "New Folder\": Downloads\ Downloads\NewApp\ Downloads\...
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Search in nested archives

Do you know a GNU/Linux tool that can search for a file inside archive file (zip, tar, etc) nested in another archive file (also zip, tar, etc)? It would be sufficient to search only by file name. I'...
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Software that can archive files in a directory into multiple zip files, each holding 10 files

I'm looking for archive software with these requirements: Ability to archive files into multiple .zip files, each holding a max of 10 files Compatible with Windows 10
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3 answers

Program that zips a group of files into sized chunks, each openable individually

I am looking for a Windows program that can zip a large group of files up and save them to multiple zip files, each (say) no more than 100 MB. It is critical however that any single zipfile can be ...
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Lossless compressing software that grants best compression ratio for everyday purpose and/or for specific tasks

Hello there everybody. My question should be rather simple for "insiders" (or I hope so at least), so here is the matter: as far as I know and understand, 7zip is currently the best lossless ...
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Extremely simple crossplatform opensource zip library c++

Suppose I've defined struct Data { std::string fileName; char* byteArray; size_t size; } I want to be able to write something like the following: std::vector<Data> ...
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Windows GUI program to list files in a .tar.Z (.TAZ) compressed archive file?

Windows Explorer can display the contents of a .zip file. I have a Unix system that writes backup.tar.Z files (it pipes tar output through traditional compress - not gzip) as BACKUP.TAZ onto USB ...
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Password cracker for ZIP files

I have a password-protected ZIP file for which I can’t remember the password. I know that it was an easy password (most likely a variation of an existing German/English word), and I can narrow down ...
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