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For recommendations about yaml editors and libraries.

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Non-plaintext YAML editor

I need to work with YAML files but I get the willies when working with YAML's loose, inconsistently-spaced, strangely-keyed, ruby-esque format. What software exists to open and edit YAML as key-value ...
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Command line tool that validates YAML file against a JSON schema written in YAML

I'm looking for a YAML validator that can validate YAML files against a JSON schema written in YAML. I found Yamale - but this tool does not use the JSON schema standard but its own schema definition. ...
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Is there a python library for validate the swagger Yaml file?

I am currently working with automatic update swagger server. Form time to time, the swagger APIs can be changed. Each time of the changes, the python script will download the APIs and create the ...
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Simple YAML parser for PHP

I'm looking for a simple YAML parser I can use in my PHP scripts. Requirements: lightweight. I don't want to install a complete framework just to parse a few simple YAML files. independent. I don't ...
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