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for software that works with the XML query language XPath

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XPath 3.0 tool for Windows that can search in all XML files in a directory

Which tools can I use on Windows to search XML files using XPath 3.0 or above, specifying a root directory, rather than individual files?
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Can anyone please recommend a test framework for XSLT?

I've been using XSLT 2.0 for about 8 years now, mostly for transforming DITA into a pile of different formats. My stylesheets are getting pretty sophisticated, and my templates pretty complex at this ...
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Editor (or plugin) which shows current XPath with tag attributes when editing XML

In sample XML draft: <unit name="Alpha"> <unit name="One"> █1 </unit> <unit name="Two"> █2 </unit> </unit> I want to find any ...
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XPath online tester with save & share feature

I am looking for an XPath 2.0+ online checker not only for testing but also for saving and sharing - similar to online regex tester (like or online compiler sites (like, ...
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Is there a program to copy full folder path directories?

Does anyone know of a program to do this? Basically you have a folder on your computer And subfolders inside of that Possibly more subfolders in those Some text file names + images in those Is ...
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XPath GUI for Windows

I'm looking for an application where I can load an XML file and inspect different values with an XPath location. Similar to this question on A program / site paste some xml, submit some sort of xpath ...
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