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Recommendations for WooCommerce, an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

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WooCommerce Subscription With Changing Products Each Week

I have a food subscription company where people can purchase 5 meals for the week, and each week their PayPal is debited. But every week the menu changes. So I can accept a payment for a subscription, ...
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wordpress google spreadheet integration

I am new to WordPress and have a requirement to get all the products from my woo-commerce (WordPress) site and display it on the google spreadsheet. This sheet should get refreshed automatically when ...
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Looking for an ELT tool to extract data from Woocommerce (Orders, Products, etc...)

why is it so difficult to find a proper tool that helps with the data extraction from Woocommerce. I am looking for something like to be able to automate the data extraction from our ...
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WordPress :: Booking plugin

We have a small website regarding a tennis court. We have 3 fields and after the login page subscribed users can book one of the 3 fields for 1h. PROBLEM: The problem we are facing is that we cannot ...
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Gift Wrapping plugin for Woocommerce with conditional pricing

I need a plugin that provides a Gift Wrapping option to the checkout page with a specific price. I know there are thousands of them in the WordPress Plugin Directory, but I'm watching for one that can ...
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Is it possible to do price breaks in Woocommerce using actual prices ( not discounts)?

I am looking for some way to do set price breaks in Woocommerce. Eg - item price = X - more than 10 items in the cart the per unit price becomes Y - more than 20 items in the cart the per unit price ...
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Wordpress Plugin to show Products by clicking on category in sidebar as accordion

I have searched a lot but couldn't find any plugin that can show list of product categories in sidebar and by clicking on category name products of that category appear below category name just like ...
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Plugin to email portion of WooCommerce orders to vendors

I have built a WooCommerce store for a client that is a sales rep for about 10-12 wholesale product lines. I have the products set up so that the product categories are the vendors. A customer going ...
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A web storage site with direct file link

I am building a woocommerce based site, in which I want to sell a certain excel file. I've been struggling find a web storage site which will allow me to put a link to my digital product in ...
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Best shipping plugin for multi-vendor WooCommerce

Which shipping plugin is best for multi-vendor where vendors are located physically on different locations? Suppose if there are three vendors A, B, C which are located in different cities and states ...
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Program for exporting data to CSV files

I'm setting up a WooCommerce store, and I'm after an application for Windows that will allow me to put together products and then export to a CSV file for upload into WooCommerce. I'm thinking the ...
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Woocommerce contractor style invoicing

I am developing a woocommerce e-commerce website for a client, he currently sells 20 products to do-it-your-selfers and he also does custom installs that include parts, labor and tax himself. Do you ...
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Wordpress - Upload Woocommerce Product Pictures Automatically

I have looked around and didn't find any plugin to help me upload pictures directly to it's related product: Say we have a woocommerce product with the reference: sk01 and two images sk01_1.jpg ...
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