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Generic diagram generator from markup language

I'm looking for diagram generator (using some markup language as the input) capable of generating generic block-and-arrow diagrams. I would have labeled blocks containing other labeled blocks, and ...
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Single tool, ideally open source, for specifying application use cases, requirements, and functional specifications

Is there a free or inexpensive tool that supports the development of Use Cases (or User Stories), Requirements, and Functional Specifications? I know there is a tendency to blur the lines between ...
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What is a tool to wireframe an app AND then generate HTML + CSS code afterwards

I love wireframing, since it's mostly faster than coding. After the wireframe process I would like to export HTML + CSS for the different screens, so I only have to add the javascript afterwards to ...
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Online mockup/wireframe tool

I'm looking for a web-based app which I would use to create quick mockup/wireframe of a web page and share that with a client. Main requirements are: Free (or cheap, less than $5 per month) Online ...'s user avatar
5 votes
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Rapid web/app development tool for creating mockups

I'm trying to find a tool (if such a thing exists) to help in a team brainstorming session. We're trying to develop either websites (and / or) mobile apps. We're developing mockup sketches/drawings ...
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What are the best free tools to make wireframes of a website? [duplicate]

Well I have used pencil but its basically for making mockups for mobile applications. Could you please suggest free tools/websites to make wireframe for websites ?
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Producing prototypes from paper to HTML

I am in the beginning of this very interesting project and we decided to include mock-ups in the design part of the unified process of our lifecycle. I am using different software to build my ...
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9 votes
6 answers

What is a good way to quickly develop a mock GUI?

I'm looking for a method/tool/software to easily create a GUI. The GUI should look good, but nothing very fancy. It should have checkboxes, lists, radio buttons etc. The important thing is that ...
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3 answers

Want to do wireframes characters

I need to sketch character poses in a wireframe type of way. The characters would be performing an action, like grabbing something, so the hands are also important. The purpose is to do some training ...
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5 votes
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A wireframing tool to design Windows 8/8.1 applications

I want to design a Windows 8/8.1 desktop application. Before going into the coding part, I want to create a mockup of the same. Balsamiq would satisfy my need to some extent, but I need something on ...
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Are there good prototyping tools for iOS?

I am looking to build an iOS (iPad) application with a very unique user interface that does not use the traditional look-and-feel of a typical iOS app. Think less like Facebook, more like Lightroom on ...
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3 answers

Web-based interaction tool for mockups

I’m looking for another interaction design tool and software that is similiar to Balsamiq Mockups. The requirements are: The tool is web-based Can be used to create a scratch for application and ...
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8 votes
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Mobile/tablet offline mockup tool

I'm looking for a tool that will allow me to easily create mock ups in the go, when my internet connection is unreliable or nonexistent. Must haves, in order of priority: Create software/website UI ...
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19 votes
4 answers

Creating website wireframes on GNU/Linux with a free/libre tool

I want to create website wireframes. Locally/offline, or on my own server. Requirements License: The tool needs to be FLOSS The included graphics need to be licensed under the same license, or ...
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